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Simplify® Disc: Anatomic. Physiologic. Radiologic.

Simplify<sub>®</sub> Disc: Anatomic. Physiologic. Radiologic.

Anatomic Disc Heights

Simplify Cervical Artificial Disc, which features the lowest available disc heights, starting at 4mm, is designed to fit patient anatomy, protect facets, and prevent overstuffing. At 24 months, there was a significant decrease in pain, significant increase in function, and increased motion from pre-operative levels when compared to ACDF.1 Simplify Disc is the only cTDR to be able to demonstrate lack of progression of facet degeneration through 24 months.1

Physiologic Motion

Simplify Cervical Artificial Disc has a three-piece design with two endplates and a semi-constrained mobile core. This design permits 12° flexion/extension, lateral bending, and axial rotation. The unique articulation, which allows variable center of rotation, was designed to restore motion.

Radiologic Design

Simplify Cervical Artificial Disc's PEEK endplates and ceramic core permit detailed anatomic visualization on MR imaging.* In addition to being surgeons’ preferred imaging method for the spine, MRI spares patients radiation exposure.
*MR Conditional per ASTM F2503

Biologic Materials

Simplify Cervical Artificial Disc is composed of two PEEK endplates, coated with titanium plasma spray and a ceramic core. There is no nickel or any metal on the articulating surfaces, which minimizes metal-wear debris. This material combination was chosen with the goal of optimizing biocompatibility for a lifetime implant.

Game-Changing Disc

Simplify Cervical Artificial Disc's three-piece design is available in 12 size combinations to fit a broad range of patient anatomies. The domed superior endplate was designed to fit into the natural concavity of vertebral bodies and has a retention ring designed to prevent core expulsion. The teeth on the superior endplate and the fin on the inferior plate are designed to ensure vertebral fixation.

Anatomic<br />Disc Heights
Physiologic<br />Motion
Radiologic<br />Design
Biologic<br />Materials
Game-Changing Disc
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Success of Simplify Cervical Disc

The Results are Clear

Simplify Disc was approved for 1-level use in September 2020, and achieved superiority to fusion with an overall success rate of 93.0%. Simplify Disc achieved superiority in percentage of patients with a 15-point Neck Disability Index (NDI) improvement and patients with no neurological deterioration. Simplify Disc patients had no device failures.1

Clinical Snapshot from Simplify Cervical Artificial Disc 1-Level Trial at 24 Months1

Percentage with 15-Point NDI Improvement

Simplify Disc achieved superiority: 97.9% of Simplify Disc patients achieved a significantly higher rate of meaningful (15-point) improvement in NDI compared to ACDF (fusion) patients at 88%.

No Neurological Deterioration

Simplify Disc demonstrated superiority: 99.6% of Simplify Disc patients had no neurological deterioration compared to 94.1% of ACDF (fusion) patients.

Device Failures

Simplify patients had no device failures.

Mean NDI Percentage Points

Simplify Disc mean NDI improved from 63.3 at baseline to 13.6 at 24 months. The difference in percentage points between groups was statistically significant at all follow-up timepoints, in favor of the Simplify Disc group (p<0.05).

Adjacent Level Degeneration

Simplify Disc Patients had less adjacent level degeneration compared to ACDF (fusion) patients:

  • Disc level above treated level: 82% of Simplify Disc patients and 52% of ACDF patients had no progression in degeneration.
  • Disc level below treated level: 72% of Simplify Disc patients and 34% of ACDF patients had no progression in degeneration.

Simplify the Surgical Procedure

Sizing for the Simplify Cervical Disc

Step 1

Disc Sizing

Determine the footprint and height of the disc space.

Cutting for the Simplify Cervical Disc

Step 2

Slot Cutting

Create slot cuts for disc placement.

Placing the Simplify Cervical Disc

Step 3

Disc Placement

Insertion and final placement of the disc.


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Coverage & Reimbursement

Cervical artificial disc replacement is considered to be a covered procedure by nearly all commercial health plans. If you encounter any coverage challenges, Simplify Medical has a resource to help.

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